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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Goh born 30th of March 1853, was involved in the movement of post-impressionism. His work influenced many well known artists of the 20th century through the use of vivid colours, thick application of paint, distinctive brush strokes and real life subject matter. He also influenced artist to paint geometric forms as well as distorted forms for expressive effect.

Personally I feel that Van Gogh has influenced the art world through the style of his paintings. These paintings reflected his mental instability which were declined in the time that he lived in.

Van Gogh influenced modernism through his visual experiences which were shown in painting such as :-

This image named Starry Night uses texture as a big element to produce the painting. The painting uses bold harsh brushstrokes to create the textural effect which is one effect which has influenced Modernism. Van Gogh also uses a variety of different shades of one colour. This painting may also reveal his emotion turmoil in his head through the images of the swirling stars.

Another image which may link to influencing Modernism is The Church at Auveres :-


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