Martin Creed

Martin Creed is a conceptual artist who was born in Glasgow, 1968. Creed has a great style when it comes to contemporary art as he tends to do it on unusual subject. The reason why he uses unusual objects in his sculptures is because he feels he has created something unique that only he himself could make. Creed can be considered quite unique as no-one creates art quite like him. Creed names all of his sculptures due to the amount he actually creates. Creed doesn’t like to paint as he feels it doesn’t show what he feels, he also uses small to large disposible old objects in his sculptures such as nails.

The sculpture is based on a plain white background, oblivious of any objects apart from a line of 7 nails reflecting of the light to create a nice shadowy picture.

I think that Creeds intentions of making this sculpture was to show that every object has two sides to it. One being a use for technology or just ordinary daily use and on maybe for art.

Many people consider Creeds art to be quite bad, causing a great amount of controversy due to his obvious but unique ideas. I feel that this sculpture of Creeds is quite hard to understand as well as his other sculpture. But because of his art being like this, it becomes better and more people want to understand it.


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One response to “Martin Creed

  • David

    Think about the questions
    • A description of the work and its context. For example the materials used; the location of the work and historical references.
    • A description of the artist’s intentions for and meanings of the work
    • A description of how the work reflects the period in which it was made, think about social and political influences on the work.
    • Your response to the work, emotionally, visually and intellectually
    • Images’ that can help illustrate you discussions
    • Links to source material
    • Any other reference sources such as books

    Also you say “Creed has a great style when it comes to contemporary art as he tends to do it on unusual subject” why does he do this?

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