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Michael Hopkins(Art and Technology)

English architect Michael Hopkins is well known for creating futuristic designs. In most cases Hopkins uses geometric shape to emphasize the building structure. One such building is portcullis house.

This design reflects most of Michael Hopkins designs as he uses the usual materials of steel and stone. This gives it a technological look and shows how the world has changed throughout the decades.

This structure is made of glass steel and stone and is also a bold structure sitting to attract the attention of the public. The shape of the building is quite unique an square. It may have been influences by technology because of it’s whole unique look being geometric and bold. This causes me to think it may have been made to reflect industrial because of its many chimneys.


Diller Scofidio + Renfro(Art and technology)Institution of contemporary art

This builing was created by an architect firm by the name of Diller Scofidio + Renfro and created by Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio in 2006.

This work by the architects is quite geometric and has an urban look to it. It also seems very technological.

This building looks to be made from materials such as glass and steel piping. The form of the whole structure is quite oblique and geometric because of it’s square shape. The building is slightly asymmetrical as well and can be clearly seen to be influenced by technology because of its structure.

The building was made in a modern day atmosphere being 2007. this makes use of the modern materials and reflects what may happen in the future, which may be that building may stay geometric.

The Pompidou centre(Art and technology)

The Pompidou centre is a famous art museum and gallery created in Paris, France and built in 1977. This building was created by many architects including Renzo Piano, Peter Rice and many more.

This has a very urban look to it producing this mechanical look and making it look like it has been influenced by technology itself. This building has an inside out look, with steel piping on the outside making it look unique and in some cases attractive to people who have a subjective eye.

The outside of the building looks as if it is still being built with drainage systems and metallic poles hanging out the building. Pipes are also seen ejecting from the building.

This building reflects the period it was made in because more people began to think about creating unique buildings such as this. The period at the time was quite industrialised which also may have forged the idea to create this building.

Shepard Fairey(Urban art)

Shepard Fairey is a contemporary urban artist who was born in America and emerged around the skateboarding scene. He is known as one of the most influencial urban artist of all time creating work for the American president Barrack Obama and many other celebrities

This image by Fairey is the world reknown image of Barrack Obama. This image is quite simplistic but very appealing using American colours such as blue and red. The ‘Hope’ sign on this piece of work is quite influencial next to the American president.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada(urban art)

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is an urban artist born in Cuba, he became internationally reknown when he released a certain book. Gerada is quite the unique artist, making celebrity icons as his subjects and placing them on walls and on the ground.

This piece of work by the artist is of the American president which would have gathered a great amount of attention when it was finished. Gerada is quite unique as his work is usually made with the help of the environment and the objects on the ground.

Banksy(Urban art)

Banksy is a secretive urban graffiti artist who is little known about. His world has caused a great amount of controversy as they are placed in places which suit himself and this is considered vandalism. Banksys identity is unknown but seems to be known across the world influencing many other artists.

Banksy uses a unique stencilling technique which is shown in the urban art above. His art seems to be quite ironic and sarcastic as well as humorous as the painting above produces an image you would not think of seeing. In a way, this artist has indluence me on my way to making my animation through the theme of urban and his technique.

Jacek Tylicki(Environmental art)

Bornin Poland 1951, Jacek Tylicki moved to New York to produce most of his work. Tylicki is known as an environmental artist and his work is usually raised in question to what society is coming to, bringing up issues about pollution.

This piece of art by Tylicki has an urban theme to which approaches pollution by human kind and how we are throwing away money to not help with anything. I particularly liked this piece of art through the ideas which are brought through it. It seems complex to understand and his work has been argued among all to what its actual meaning is.