Andy Goldsworthy(Enviromental art)

Andy Goldsworthy can also be classed as an enviromental artist, with such art as this:

This piece of environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy has inspired my animation slightly, with the effect rural and using pebbles as well.This also makes me think deeper into the purpose of this piece of art, into pollution and global warming which may refer to urban, collecting both themes together into one.

The materials used in this piece of work looks to be ordinary naturally coloured pebbles. Goldsworthy makes good use of these pebbles placing the dark pebbles on the outside and as it heads in towards the middle it begins to get light when finally it reaches the middle and there is nothing but darkness.

Goldsworthy feels that his art is a connection to nature bringing out nature at it’s finest and through the use of him creating art. This piece of work is fully influenced by nature. I feel that this piece of work created by Goldsworthy is very  intelligent and unique, as well as also being beautifully made for the purpose of nature.


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