The Pompidou centre(Art and technology)

The Pompidou centre is a famous art museum and gallery created in Paris, France and built in 1977. This building was created by many architects including Renzo Piano, Peter Rice and many more.

This has a very urban look to it producing this mechanical look and making it look like it has been influenced by technology itself. This building has an inside out look, with steel piping on the outside making it look unique and in some cases attractive to people who have a subjective eye.

The outside of the building looks as if it is still being built with drainage systems and metallic poles hanging out the building. Pipes are also seen ejecting from the building.

This building reflects the period it was made in because more people began to think about creating unique buildings such as this. The period at the time was quite industrialised which also may have forged the idea to create this building.


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2 responses to “The Pompidou centre(Art and technology)

  • David

    ” This building has an iside out look, with steel piping on the outside making it look unqique and attractive.” Who says the building is attartive? this is just subjective.

    Also remember the questions

    • A description of the work and why you think technology, science or mathematics has influenced that work
    • A description of how the work reflects the period in which it was made, think about social and political influences on the work.
    • Images’ that can help illustrate you argument
    • Links to source material
    • Any other reference sources such as books

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