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Lossless Compression

Lossless compression packs the data into a smaller file size. Lossless compression reduces the amount a file takes up in memory and can reduce it by about half the size of what it actually is, that is depending on the type of file that is used. This is quite convenient for transferring files across the internet because the files are smaller and quicker to send. They also good for taking up less memory on a computer.


Vector and Bitmap differences

Vedtor and Bitmap graphics are quite different graphic formats. Vector is a format of drawing whereas Bitmap is a photo format. The advantages when considering a vector is that it can be stretched to any size without it becoming pixelated or ruining it altogether. Bitmap however, is quicker to display but become pixelated when resizing the image.

Display Systems 3

CRT which stands for Cathode Ray Tube and LCD which stand for Liquid Crystal Display is used on monitors and television. LCD is the most popular and most expensive to buy monitor and whilst CRT is of a better quality in comparison to LCD monitors. CRT is able to handle any resolution ranging from 640×480 to 1600×1200 whilst LCD monitors can handle very last resolutions such as 1024×768 to 1600×1200.

Display Systems 2

The majority of the world uses NTSC on tv’s and computers whilst other people use PAL as their choice of tv standard. They both have a number of differences in them such as videos that are purchased in Europe are unable to be played in America and vice versa. PAL has a 50HZ current whilst NTSC has a 60HZ current which means NTSC uses more electricity than PAL. NTSC uses 525 scan lines whilst PAL uses 625 scan lines which means PAL uses more pixels than NTSC.

Display Systems 1

When looking at computers and televisions they use a certain aspect ratio such as anamorphic, widescreen and standard 4:3 screen dimensions. Anamorphic is design to fit videos or images horizontally squashed onto a widescreen image. This means it will be able to be stored on a 4:3 standard aspect ratio. Widescreen are a great amount of aspect ratios used in many media technology. It is greater than the standard 1.37:1 aspect ratio.

Task-orientated software

When considering such computer programs as CAD and paint, they can be considered as having a high amount of open interactivity. When doing this the user must plan out their object on CAD using certain tools to morph and scale/size the object they want to create. In paint the user only has to choose whatever tool they want to draw whatever they want, whether it be with a paint brush or a pencil, and there is a huge variety of colours to actually chose from, this is also used on the program CAD.

Time Based

There is a great amount of websites that can be considered as time based. One example of this would be ‘Youtube’ which allows users to upload videos at any point or time for people around the world to see. This is considered as time based because people profiles can be updated at any point and they can upload videos for people to comment on. The amount of interactivity on this website is considered as open as people can leave comments and upload their own.
Another website which would be a closed interactive website is ‘Ebay’ which contributes to the world through auctions. People may bid on any item they want or simply buy them out.