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Non-linear Video Editing

Non-linear editing can be seen as being similar to Linear video editing as it has the same purpose, editing sound, images and video to a certain specification. Non-linear video editing is a more advanced version of linear and it opened a whole new dimension to editing as a whole for certain computers. In the beginning, non-linear video editing was not greeted with positive remarks. Editors preferred using their Linear video editing skills. Non-linear video editing had a few problems with its performance skills and confusion. Now in the 21st century Linear video editing is never really used as non-linear is more advanced than it.


Linear Video Editing

Linear video editing is a term used when a piece sound, image and video may be edited to a certain extent. The video would firstly be filmed through a video camera. It would then be generated onto the computer device. The name of it was changed from video editing to Linear video editing due to there being two types. It may also be known as tape-to-tape editing and was the only way for video tapes to be edited. Linear was also seen as inexpensive and quite simplistic to use. There are only a small amount of difficulties with Linear video editing.

Data memory

Colour depths

1 bit – this is usually just black and white (monochrome)

2 bit – greyscale

4 bit – 16 different colours

8 bit – very limited colour, but an early example of true colour

16 bit – 65536 different colours

Graphic Technologies

JPEG – used for digital photography to compress files down

BMP – used to store BITMAP digital images

AI – used to store Adobe illustrator files

GIF – should never be used when printing

PDF – used for capturing and viewing files

PSD – graphic files used in photoshop

Social Networks

A social network is what can be seen as a structural map made up of organisation or independently made. People who make a profile on these social networks are able to connect through friendship, financial exchanged or just common interest. Social Networks can form relationships between people and bring people more closer to each other. The most commonly known Social Networks would probably be Facebook, Twitter and Bebo, with Facebook having a high recording of profile users being 200 million users world wide. Twitter which is also a social networking site allows people to simply ‘tweet’ their feelings and what they are going to do today to their followers. Bebo is also similar to Facebook but can be seen as better for people at a lower age.

In some cases artists like to present their workings on facebook for the public to see and either like or join a group with their portfolio on it.

Binary Code

Binary code is looking at text or computer processor instruction by using a binary number systems. These are prominent through certain digits such as two binary digits ( 0 and 1 ). This can be done by making instruction collate together as though they were stringed and attached to each other. E.g A binary string of 8 digits can be seen as 256 values therefore it is able to correspond to a variety of different symbols, letters or instructions.