Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stan Brakhage

By looking at Stan brakhages work, there are easily similarities between them and more contemporary films of this period. Music videos for example could be considered as being inspired by Brakhages work through the effect of the shaky camera work.
The patterns in Brakhages work is prominent through the whole surreal effect in his movie. His swift camera work aswell as it being shaky and with no sound are also seen as patterns in his films. The shaky camera work in his film for example creates these creates flashes of light whilst he moves the camera extremely quickly.
There are a great amount of surprises implied within Brakhages films. His films at that moment in time were considered as being quite controversial as they shown his wife giving birth and many other explicit nude events.
There are plenty of puzzles considered within Brakhages work which can’t really be identified. Like how he continued for so long to create his films up until his death, even when he was unwell.