Editor essay – Christopher Rouse

Christopher Russell Rouse was born 28th of November 1985. He is known as a filmmaker who has won numerous awards for his skills in editing specifically a BAFTA Award for best editing for the film The Bourne Ultimatum. Rouse edited a number of movies in order to increase his reputation starting of with a movie called Desperate Hours.

The editing in this film has made Christopher Rouse quite known. He uses a variety of cuts through each scene of the movie, editing it to a perfect standard. The movie is mainly about breaking the law and running from the police as two people have killed and murdered an innocent person. This film is what started Rouse to become quite well known and for people to recognise his work.
Not only did Rouse edit a great number of film, but he also editing mini-series. Such series would be Ann Frank: The whole Story.

The edits in this mini tv series won Rouse an Emmy award. Most noticeable cuts in the series would be match cut and cutaway. He also used a great amount of shots throughout the film, most noticeable here would be a shot reverse and pan. The movie tells the story of the child ann frank and how she coped through the second world war. Being jewish it was extremely hard for her and Rouses editing increased the storyline to the movie by quite a lot. This would have been Christopher Rouses biggest TV series editing roll and his very first due to the fact that he almost won an Emmy. Christopher Rouse is also well known for editing the Bourne trilogy, which includes The Bourne Supremacy:

In this scene there are a great amount of cuts shown through the camera angles used as a car chase is shown to run through the city of moscow. The main storyline to the bourne supremacy movie is that someone forgets who he actually is and throughout the movie he finds clues to who he actually is, this is helped through the numerous amount of edits helping to define the movie. The sequence of edits makes it more easy to understand what is actually going on.
The next would be The Bourne Identity:

Christopher Rouse has notably been seen working with the director Paul Greengrass who is noted for a “cinéma vérité” style of filmmaking that uses several handheld cameras, and that creates opportunities for innovative editing. Ellen Feldman has written a detailed analysis of the editing of United 93. David Bordwell has apoke about an aspect of the films as a more application of “intensified continuity”, which is seen on filmmaking that Bordwell has been furthering for some years.
Rouse has been nominated for a great number of awards. He has also been elected as a member of the american film editors.


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