Outcome 1 – Creative industries

Define the creative industry sector in the UK.
The creative industries brings in 5.6% of the UK’s gross value added in 2008. In 2008 the creative industries totalled £17.3 billion which equals 4.1% of the goods and services exported. There are approximately 182,100 businesses involved in the creative industries.
Reasearch and identify the range of work within the sector.
The creative industries comprises of a range of jobs. Such jobs would include jobs in art, crafts, design, film, music, games and TV. The sub genres in these jobs would be, graphic design, sound production and editing, film production and editing, games development and making, animation and more.
Describe the ways that Creative Industries are different from Cultural Industries
There are quite a few differences between the creative industries and the cultural industries. The cultural industries is sometimes looked at as another part of the cultural industries, whilst the cultural industries focuses more on cultural tourism as well as heritage, museums, libraries, sports and outdoor activities and more way of life activities. The cultural industries focus more on looking into other kinds of value being cultural wealth and social wealth.
Describe the history and development of the sector
The creative industries has been going on throughout a great amount of history starting off as a small droplet and expanding into something more.
Research and identify the economic importance of creative industries
Creative industries contributes to a great amount of the Economy and have been accounted for around 4% of the world economic output in 1999 and has increased by another 4-9%. The three largest sub sectors of the creative industries are design, publishing, and television as well as radio, these are accounted for 75% of revenues and 50% employment.
Research and identify the cultural importance of the creative industries
The cultural importance has affected the creative industries through the influence of it as it influences almost all the subjects inside the creative industries.
Describe what we mean by Cultural Wealth and Social Wealth
The cultural wealth of something is what helps define a country or a places culture, such as art, architecture and more. The social wealth is the whole idea of how class is separated from other certain things.
Examples of synergy in the creative industries.

One example of synergy would be the whole games industry being affected and working with the animation industries.


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