Outcome 2

Research and identify roles and oppertunities
Animation requires a great amount of things the learner must convey in his work such things would be
Traditional hand-drawn animation
Model, or stop frame animation
Computer animation or CGI
These are the main subjects you can use to make your animation and take quite a long time to actually do.
Define the range of roles, responsibilities and job titles
Animation has a great amount of roles involved, these would range from
Character Modeling Team
Prop Modeling Team
Post Production/Editing Team
Reference Team
Concept Art Team
Motion Team
Lighting Team
EFX Team
Titles and Credits Team
Render Team
Character Rigging Team
Renderfarm Team
Lip Sync
Shading Team
Animatics Team
Audio/Sound/Music Team
3D Paint Team
Storyreel Team
Job opportunities and career paths
2D or 3D animation are the main paths you can choose as your jobs in animation, these would take a great amount of time getting in to and making your own and would be hard to even do.
Self-employment opportunities
The self-employment route would be looking at taking animation into freelance where you would be doing almost everything by yourself and would take a great amount of effort and time to do it.
Responsibilities as an employee within a company
The employee would be looked at doing a certain job, where it be modelling or anything else, its whatever the employee is skilled in.
Responsibilities as a self-employed practitioner
You will be looking at doing almost everything by yourself if you were a self employed practitioner.


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