Monthly Archives: September 2011

Task – Well frames images

The selected image is based as a rule of thirds photograph because of this, the image is well framed. The image looks extremely interesting with the child to the right of the framing and the sea in the background. If the camera caught more of what was outside the picture, The background would be extremely bold and the child would not be the focal point of the image.

The image shows an animal, which makes the image interesting because it is also based as a rule of thirds image. The colour in the image makes it quite interest making the animal in the image stand out more. If the image was more based further away and as an outside image, the photo would lose its thirds effect and wouldn’t look as interesting as it was.

In this image, in view there is a palm tree going by the rule of thirds and being really well framed. What makes this image interesting is the fact the the palm tree is just a black silhouette and the sunset in the background makes this very effective.